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migsesca has asked: next time you do go you better get me like 30 double doubles, 15 big macs, 5 whoppers, and 2 chalupas!

Aha for sure dude

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At the happiest place on earth 🏰 with the only person on this earth, that makes me the happiest 💕
Short hair don’t care 💇
Just kidding, i h8 it.

I used to change my hair color as i was changing as a person and as my life was changing or when i needed a new start.
I changed so much that i lost myself and don’t know who i am anymore. I don’t know if i’m going through the right path and making the right choices or not. I hate the person i have became, i’m the person i swore i would never be.
Now i’ve been stuck with the same hair color for a while now. I didn’t know why but i guess it was a way of me trying to stay in the past and be the person i once was. I miss the person i used to be.
I don’t know exactly what i miss about the old me, or the difference between the old me to the new me but i know there’s something different and it seems as this is not who i am.
I don’t know if i have became this person because of things i’ve realized and lessons i’ve learned. But it seems like all i do is hurt everyone around me including myself. The old me didn’t do that. The old me put everyone before herself and seeing others happy made her happy even tho she truly wasn’t happy. But it seem like everything was better off that way.
This doesn’t even make sense but it’s the best way i can put it.

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migsesca has asked: there better be a next time! -.- ahaha

Ahah there will be sorrryyy

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#TransformationTuesday #Twins 👯
migsesca has asked: and you didnt invite me!??! lol

Sorry next time! Lol

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migsesca has asked: buy me in n out :D

I just had some today actually x)

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Take action tour
  • Yo, who's going to TDWP and TGI tomorrow at the glasshouse? I don't know anyone that's going : -(
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